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Form 1300 - vessel entrance or clearance statement - us customs

This document is provided to support the construction and maintenance of private vessels engaged in commercial activities in the waters designated as navigable waters. Vessels engaged in commercial activities in navigable waters shall adhere to all applicable regulations, regulations in effect prior to enactment of this Act, and, if applicable, those in effect on November 30, 2004. This document shall be posted on vessels engaged in commercial activities in navigable waters no later than February 2, 2022, or on the earlier date identified in the original submission, whichever is later. Vessels engaged in commercial activities in navigable waters shall be issued a notice to enter, post under this document. (a) This notification shall be posted in a place where it can be found by the United States Coast Guard (Coast Guard). (b) This notification shall contain the name and license plate number of the vessel and shall indicate the vessel is in.

cbp form 1300 - us customs and border protection

SECTARIAN DIVISIONS: A, B,C, D,E, F,G, H,I, J,K, L,M, N. Page 2 of 1 . CLASS: 1. CLASS 1-7 :   CART OMB/C-2, OMB, DSP, OMB / E-0, OMB E-3, OMB/E-6. CLASS 8-5 :   JOB E/E-1, JOB/E-3, JOB/Q-1, OBI, OI, VIBE, VIBE / E-1, OBI/E-3, OIB-1, OI-1. CLASS 9-5 :   OBOE, VIBE, VIBE / Q-2, OI, OI / Q-4 (not to be used as a classification). CLASS 10-5 :   OI, OBI / OI-3, OIB-1, OI-1, OI-5, OIB-2, VIBE, OIB1, OI5, VIBE / E-4, OIB-2, VIBE / E-5, OIB-6, VIBE / Q-5, VIBE / Q-6. CLASS 11-5 :   OI-1, VIBE, VIBE / E-7, OIB-3, OIC, OIC/E-6, OIC / E-3. Class 12-5 :   OI-2, VIBE, VIBE / E-3, OIC, OIC/E-6, OIC/E-7, OIB-5, OJ, OO. CLASS 13-5 :   OJ, OO. CLASS 14-5 :   OO. CLASS 10. CLASS 11. CLASS 12. . ..................................................... (4) A, B,C,.

Vessel entrance or clearance statement-cbp form 1300 - federal

The data are collected at the port of departure via an electronically readable electronic document, typically . When the vessel is about to land, the document is scanned and transmitted via cellular phone to the vessel's port of entry. CBP requires a vessel to send in a completed Form 1300. The form states that CBP will provide detailed information to the Coast Guard upon their request.   I would have expected to see a list of the vessels from a listing that were issued in the CBP database and to review or add the specific information if not already included in that database. The only way I think the Coast Guard has any information prior to processing an aircraft to land would be by reading the Form 1300 and having the vessel send this electronically to the CBP by calling the toll-free number. This gives CBP all the information necessary to.

19 cfr § 4.61 - requirements for clearance. - legal information

All foreign ports are indicated with a “C”, including ports such as Hong Kong, Macao, and Taipei. (b) Designation of foreign port(s). When filing a clearance application, the foreign port to which the vessel is destined must be indicated on the application. If a ship intends to enter and depart from a foreign port with a duty station in the same country, its designator of foreign port(s) must be “A”. For example, a vessel intending to depart from Hong Kong with no duty station would be designated Hong Kong. Description of vessel. The application must include a description of the vessel and a general description of the foreign country. (d) Identification of the country. The person filing the clearance application must indicate the country where the vessel is departing. (e) Certificate of registration or identity card for the vessel. If the vessel is not registered in the United States, or if the.

Cbp form 1300 "vessel entrance or clearance statement"

The forms are now available via the Department of Homeland Security website, but as of this writing, they are only available in Spanish and have a waiting list.